What does it cost

There are essentially 3 main factors that plays a role in the quotation calculation for branding of vehicles:

Will the vinyl be applied over an even, or uneven surface on the vehicle? Different vinyls are used in each case.

What is the size of the area where the vinyl is going to be applied?

Do you wish to apply full color images or would you like to make use of colored cut out vinyl?

Should you want us to give you a quotation for the branding or wrapping of a vehicle, the above information must be supplied. If, however, you wish to have your vehicle wrapped in full color, you only need to supply us with the make and model of the vehicle and we will come back to you with the quotation.

The procedures to follow when you have accepted a quotation for car branding:

Send us the proof of payment, after which your artwork proof and layout will be sent through to you via email within 2 working days, unless we were not supplied with your design. The person who will be handling your order will then be in contact with you to arrange for you to bring your vehicle to us (around 5 working days after artwork approval). You will be required to leave your vehicle at our Pretoria workshop. It is unlikely that, even with the smallest of jobs, that we would require less than 7 hours to brand your car. To get an estimate of the time we need you can add one working day for every R 5 000 that you were quoted. If for example you were quoted R 3 000, we would require one full day. If you were quoted R 15 000 we may require up to 3 days to complete the application of the vinyl to your vehicle. When we are done you will get a call to say you can collect. When you come and collect you can make use of our facilities to pay the balance of the order before leaving with your vehicle.




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